American mythology has never served everyone. Now it serves no one.

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11 December 2020 — Donald Trump didn’t come out of nowhere, nor will he fade away come January. He emerged from the primordial brine of American mythology, a blend of rugged individualism, exceptionalism, and anti-intellectualism we’ve been lapping up for decades.

It’s a blend that has ill served those on the margins of America’s promise, especially immigrants and communities of color. But now, the myths of what it means to be American are serving no one.

The challenges we face — a pandemic, a collapsing economy, a climate crisis…

Big business is scrambling to soothe public ire through social good initiatives. But self-policing gestures only underscore the need for real regulation.

September 4, 2019 — Picture a world in which the multinational corporation is a principled public citizen, offering sustainably derived products and services to consumers at fair prices through a global workforce earning a living wage, while taking active measures to protect the environment, share prosperity, and avoid harm to communities along supply and value chains.

This is the world we want — and we can have it, if the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are fulfilled…

Investor monitoring of companies’ ESG performance can be a stick to the Global Compact’s carrot.


The United Nations Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, is anchored in respect for human rights, fair labor practices, environmental sustainability, and anti-corruption. Couched in language at once valiant and vague (Principle 7 of 10 reads: “Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges”), it is engineered for maximum accessibility, an open call for businesses to aspire to the highest norms of corporate citizenship.

It’s a call many are heeding. For nearly 10,000 companies around the world, from global behemoths to local…

Ethics, protocol and transparency are no match for a sociopath’s amorality.

He’s got your government ethics right here.

So the Impeachable-Offense-in-Chief refuses to release his tax returns. Though protected by the Secret Service, he continues to roll deep with members of his own private goon squad, the same thugs who roughed up protesters at rallies. …

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Those who seek to dismantle the achievements of the Obama administration are tarnishing their own legacy, not his.

Barack Hussein Obama will go down in history as the best president of the modern era. The most principled, the most cerebral, the most inspiring, the wittiest, the prettiest. His achievements, hard-won against staggering obstructionism, stand on their own.

Twenty million more Americans covered for health insurance. Corrective criminal justice reforms that make sentencing fairer, decriminalize casual marijuana use, and seek to ease the burden on poor defendants. Marriage equality and nationwide protections for same-sex marriage. Lower taxes on vulnerable families and…

To a bigot, bigotry always looks like something else.


No one wants to be a bigot. People will twist themselves into all kinds of logical and rhetorical contortions to reframe what seem to be clear instances of animus toward a given group.

White nationalists? Oh, they’re not anti-anyone — they’re just pro-white. And, you know, pro-white dominance. But only as a precaution, in case anyone comes along who wants to dominate white people.

Anti-immigrant descendants of immigrants? See, they just want to have, you know, a country. Yet rather than directing their ire northward, to the throngs of Canadians streaming…

Andie Davis

I'm a lawyer and global development strategist interested in corporate governance and social responsibility.

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